AIT Austrian Institute of

AIT is Austria’s largest non-university research institute and focuses on the key infrastructure issues of the future. The AIT research group “Optical Quantum Technology” will coordinate QKD-TELCO. The respective Safety & Security department is making a significant contribution to ICT as it devotes concerted efforts to guarantee operational efficiency and reliability of all critical infrastructures – both private and public. It is committed to foster the roll-out of national infrastructure as well as the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies in the area of public administration, power grids, health care, transportation networks, payment systems, telecommunications as well as the business and industrial sector. AIT builds on a broad basis of collaboration with academia and industrial players and has been always actively involved in numerous national (FIT-IT, Platon-Photonics) and European (FPs, ESA) research projects, of which it has led many as coordinator: The coordinating department has lead 4 European Integrated Projects such as the SECOQC project, which successfully demonstrated close-to-market technology for information-theoretically secure communication networks in a public field-trial.

AIT will coordinate QKD-TELCO and will be responsible for the design and implementation of the single-photon pair source, the modeling of the single-photon detectors for the assessment when integrating quantum technology in telecom networks and experimental evaluation activities that comprise the integration of an entire telecom-quantum system.





Vienna University of Technology  –

The Vienna University of Technology is the largest Austrian research and education institution in technology and natural sciences. The Broadband Communications (BC) group at the Institute of Telecommunications (ITC) contributes its long experience in the communication networks area, including the characterization and analysis of optical transmission systems and architectures. Through its involvement in the European network of excellence projects e-Photon/ONe, e-Photon/ONe+ and BONE as well as the COST actions 239, 266, 291 and IC1101, all related to photonic communication networks, the group has established long-lasting connections with the industry, research institutes and universities across Europe and beyond.

In the course of QKD-TELCO the BC group will characterize the impairments introduced by telecommunication channels on the quantum channel and evaluate feasible options for the integration of QKD systems with common metropolitan network infrastructures. Further, it will be largely involved in defining the key parameters for system integration and in the development of a testbed to investigate the co-existence of quantum encrypted and conventional communication channels.





SiTexs Databusiness -

The SitexsDatabusiness IT Solutions GmbH is a leading enterprise in the field of industrial security applications and audits, with a broad and long-lasting experience in the design and analysis of IT infrastructures.

Within QKD-TELCO, SitexsDatabusiness will be analysing the market of high security encryption hardware and identify the best suited encryption hardware to be integrated into an encryption solution based on QKD and integrating the software for this solution. SitexsDatabusiness will be further develop strategies for economic exploitation of the project results in terms of potential market entrance strategies.